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Hello Friends,

A few months ago, Fawn Deviney graciously invited me into her home to photograph her. We had the most effortless conversation about life, artistry, and her passion for helping Artists seeing their own potential.

When I arrived she greeted me with a kind smile and big hug. Duce her english bulldog soon followed suit, stealing the show with his effortless charm. He followed her like a young pup following his mother. Aromas of fresh cut grass, candles and coffee filled the air with warmth and coziness. Fawn lead me into the house, making our way to the kitchen where we began our conversation. She offered me a warm cup of coffee with coconut cream, as we drank our coffee we started to chat about her story.

Fawn shared about her photography journey over the past 8 years which has shifted and changed into what it is today. A budding business with hope and dreams, encouraging others to do the same. She went into detail sharing how she stripped layers of old notions, which helped find her truth with a love and passion for being an Artist. When she spoke, her love of others and finding a way to help them see their potential shined through. She expressed “Encouraging Artist’s to Value their work, it’s one of my misson’s right now”. She used to think the only way to be successful was through a traditional degree.(I want to underscore, she in fact has a degree in Social Work ). Breaking free from social norms, it seemed she found her soul pulling her toward Art and Photography. Realizing “SHE IS GOOD enough to be an ARTIST, and IT IS REAL WORK. Starving artist shouldn’t be a thing, when you believe in your WORK and WORTH people will follow suit.” - FD

Fawn is nothing short of an old soul with elegant poise and passion for her work and others. She is one of those Women that leads through grace, gumption, poise, and initelect. Which is something we all should be taking notes to learn from. The thing I was most impressed with Fawn, is her love for other people, and how grateful for every moment in her career BIG and SMALL.

Fawn Deviney, is an Artist, Photographer, Stylist, and now Gallery Owner. She lives and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Below are photographs of our time together, enjoy!


*“Part of me is still has a childlike wonder as an Artist”. “It’s my Mission right now to encourage Artists to value their work”. “SHE IS GOOD enough to be an ARTIST, and IT IS REAL WORK. Starving artist shouldn’t be a thing, when you believe in your WORK and WORTH people will follow suit.” - FD

A few of Fawns favorite things:

Mastering the art of French Cooking -Julia Child GEM WATER : Lacy Phillips Free and Native Daily rituals of warm Coffee, writing and reading.

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