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My apologies on my abandonment towards you folks ( and my blog). I’ve been really focusing on getting my house back in order and doing lots and lots of projects over the weekends instead of recipe testing…(But that is changing soon).

Did I mention I’ve been drinking lots and lots of coffee to keep me going? A few years ago I discovered bulletproof coffee. I friend had shown it to me, but I am allergic to dairy… so I had to modify. I discovered if you put the same amount of MCT oil in, and use a dairy free nut milk it will get frothy just as if you use grass-fed butter. I also noticed no two dairy free milks are created equal. I am pretty picky when it comes down to the brands I use. Anyone agree??

Vegan Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe

Vegan Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

* Ingredients:

  • 8oz fresh coffee
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons MCT Oil
  • 1 tablespoon vegan nut milk ( almond, coconut are awesome!)
  • 1 oz 85-90% dark chocolate
  • 1 -2 tsp MACA powder
  • Cinnamon for top
  • Blender Notes: if you this is your first time with bulletproof coffee start with 1 tablespoon of MCT and work up to 2 tablespoons . Also High quality coffee beans, ground + brewed in french press or pour over method ( this will get it tasting top notch)

Directions: Brew coffee to directions. I prefer french press method. In your blender place all the ingredients. Measure out 8 oz of fresh hot coffee, blend on high for 30 seconds until frothy. Top with cinnamon And enjoy!!!

Some of my favorite brands:



Hipster Affogato Recipe : Coffee with Ice Cream, Nicole Lee

Some may say my obsession with Coffee is only because I am a millennial. Or I’m a hipster. All we do is sit in coffee shops and waste away our days. Now I think people have our generation all wrong, we appreciate things, where they came from, how they are made, how they taste so on. We want to slow down and take in life and not let it pass us by. 

I would also politely disagree that my obsession with coffee began when I was a young girl. My Italian Heritage didn’t spare me that, growing up around the kitchen table coffee was served morning noon and night. Fresh espresso, served straight up, with desserts to follow. Usually my mother would give my sister and I a cup filled with milk and a splash of coffee in it. I was probably 7. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. As I got older my passion for coffee grew stronger, I feel deeply in love with coffee, the way the beans were roasted, the process of making a French press, how some blends tasted different than others. I learned how Folgers coffee is in fact different than fresh roasted beans! If you cant tell I am sorry for your palate.  Naturally I spent most of my teens, into adulthood working at coffee shops.  (I am pure dork for sure).

As of late I have been on the hunt for a new local coffee spot here in Arizona, Starbucks has me thoroughly disappointed because although I understand what Howard Shultz is doing for his business I feel that’s it is becoming more like McDonalds. He is killing me.

Recently I found, Cartel Coffee Lab, which is of course filled with hipsters and even I feel out of place when I first stepped in. It wasn’t until I got some guts and asked the girl taking my order how to make my shots of espresso not taste so acid? She told me how to order my drink, gave me some knowledge, (which was great, my drink was perfect. I was hooked! Now, I spend my days contemplating driving a half hour each way to get my fix? Worth, it? Yes. I promise. Anyway I am really off on a tangent, you have probably skipped over to the photos by now. (I don’t blame you; I’m joking if you can’t tell.)

When I am not out enjoying a coffee, I have been making a lot of coffee at home. French press of course, (note to self: I need to invest in a pour over).  Occasionally I will add in some of my vanilla bean ice cream to change things up, it’s so good.

Some refer to this as an Affogato (“Drowned”) the Italian term.

You take a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato and place it in the cup, and pour a shot of hot espresso over it (espresso not expresso!).  If you don’t have espresso you can just use a French press. I thought I would share a simple recipe and some images I took to inspire you to make your own Affogto at home! It will change your world.

To make a simple Affogato:


-French Press coffee maker; pour over coffee maker, or Stovetop Espresso maker works great. If you are privileged enough and have a fancy set up that works well too.

-Fresh ground coffee beans, Espresso blend, or your favorite brew. (The stronger the better in my opinion)

- Vanilla ice Cream (dairy free, or regular works either or)

- Boiled water

-Espresso cups (these are smaller than regular coffee cups because of the portions) you wont be making a huge cup of coffee here, think portion control at its finest)


-French Press: You would take 2 tablespoons of ground coffee beans and place in the bottom of your press, once the water is boiled pour on top of the grounds fill with water to the fill line. Set the lid on top without pressing it down. Set timer for 4 min, once it goes off, push down your press and its done.

-Stovetop Espresso Maker – this is a two-part contraption depending on your model. Take it apart; fill the bottom half with water. Then there should be a little basket fill that with ground espresso beans, leave a little room because you will be screwing it back together. Then place on the stovetop and put the maker on high heat, once it starts boiling and whistling the coffee is done.

(Also see your user manual it will give you proper instructions)

Then get your ice cream fill the espresso cup with a scoop of ice cream, pour over the hot espresso and serve immediately!


-Cheers, - N


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