Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles - Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Breakfasts are somewhat of a staple around here. Saturdays are for sleeping in, big breakfasts and being lazy. Right?  Here is a simple gluten/ milk free recipe, that takes no time to make and honestly tastes like the real thing ( filled with Gluten). Recipe below images! 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 



Recipe for Gluten Free Waffles ( makes 8)  


-  3 Bowls, whisk , ladle, measuring cups, waffle iron

- 1 1/2 cups Gluten Free All purpose flour ( BOBS REDMILL IS THE BEST! )

- 2 tsp Baking Powder 

- 1/2 tsp Baking Soda 

- 1 Tbsp RAW Honey or RAW SUGAR 

- 1 tbsp Oil 

- 3/4  Soy, Almond, or coconut milk depending on preference 

- 4 Eggs Separated 

- tsp Vanilla Extract 

- 2 cups Blueberries 

- 2 cups bananas 

To Make :

- Pre heat waffle iron

- In one large bowl place all the dry ingredients together set aside

-In the other bowl place 4 egg whites and the vanilla, whisk this together until it forms into a fluffy form, making stiff peaks. 

- In another bowl, combine the dairy free milk, yolks, and oil. Whisk these together. Then add in the dry ingredients to this mixture. Once combined fold in the fluffy egg whites with a spatula. Once combine, you can add in blueberries, chocolate chips bananas whatever sounds good to you! 

- Place mix on the waffle iron using the ladle and should finish in about 3- 5 min. Golden brown is what you are looking for. 

- Place the finished gluten free waffles on a place lined with parchment paper to soak up the grease, also the parchment paper will keep the waffles warm while the others cook. 

Top with powdered sugar and enjoy! 






Self Portraits - Charleston, SC Photographers - Nicole Mendicino

When we were little girls my mother would dress my sister and I up to have our photos taken. You know the ones I’m talking about, when you go to SEARS Portrait studio and have a cheesy background and some creepy guy is taking your picture. Those ones. Well my mother would dress us real “nice” with curled hair, red lips and lace dresses for days. We ended up looking like pageant princess’ by the time she was finished. Not to mention she put us in matching outfits, (except shoes). I had these shiny red ones like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, (because I was obsessed of course).  So every year she would dress us up for Christmas, Birthday’s, School, etc., and go get our photos taken. As I got older it would get more embarrassing because the photos were all over the walls. Its as if our parents worshiped us. I bet there are a few of you out there that just might have some of these around, or at least something similar.    

These memories and photos really got me thinking. They were just photos of us, but I have a slight feeling they had something to do with my outlook on life. I mean in the sense of how I perceived myself, or to the more pressing fact that I hate getting in front of the camera. It’s a pain, and I get these flash memories of my mother curling my hair while I sat there for an hour bored out of my mind.  So the last thing I wanted to do was get in front of the camera, seemed awful.

So I wanted to go change things, it was time to go back and explore being in front of the camera. To take some images of what is typical standard, makeup hair, so on, in contrast to well the opposite of natural and raw, no make up. I wanted to explore this not just for myself but also for others. How do we see ourselves?  To what is the standard of your own perception?

As women we often are told that we need to look a certain way in order to gain respect, power, equality, a boyfriend even. But as I get older I realize why the hell do they teach us this, why are we teaching our daughters and sons this, and mostly, lets do something about it!   Why should our value be measured in weather we have blonde hair, long hair, weight and makeup or not? 

Maybe people would say I am optimist for hoping that we could come together as a community, instead of working against one another. I still have hope for us, that slowly we make the world a better place and join as one. It only takes one. Will you with join me?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by – below are my self-portraits, leave a comment below, would love to connect!





6368 Self Better 2**.jpg
6378 Self Better *** .jpg

Egg Yolks / Charleston, SC food photographers Nicole Mendicino

A few months back I started some food projects. I wanted to continue my food investigation so with that in mind I started photographing eggs. Eggs have been photographed many times. Its a subject I actually had to photograph in my first digital class, you are supposed to take a white object and photograph it against a white background. I kind of broke the rules a bit and wanted to take this to a different level. I decided I like the white background but wanted to keep with my style and make a huge mess, so here is what I came up with. 

Also I entered it into PDN's TASTE contest,I made it to the online winners Gallery! Fist pumps, jump up and down with excitement! When I found out I literally laughed and cried at the same time. Thanks guys for stopping by, leave a comment below with your thoughts, would love to hear from you!