Dear Friends, 

For today's recipe I bring you "easy peasy" as my 7 year old would say. Simple frozen blueberries and almond milk. This is made for one, but you may double, or triple or even add in extra's to make it your own. Then simply enjoy! 

What you will need :

1 bag of frozen organic blueberries

1 bowl, spoon and hungry belly

1/2 cup (or more to your liking) Fresh Almond Milk 

Note : if you aren't vegan I would sub for 2% with a splash of raw cream, or even RAW MILK 

Then pour blueberries in a bowl, pour milk over blueberries and watch the magic happen. The milk freezes over the blueberries and now you "almost" have ice cream.

Cheers and enjoy!




Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles - Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Breakfasts are somewhat of a staple around here. Saturdays are for sleeping in, big breakfasts and being lazy. Right?  Here is a simple gluten/ milk free recipe, that takes no time to make and honestly tastes like the real thing ( filled with Gluten). Recipe below images! 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 



Recipe for Gluten Free Waffles ( makes 8)  


-  3 Bowls, whisk , ladle, measuring cups, waffle iron

- 1 1/2 cups Gluten Free All purpose flour ( BOBS REDMILL IS THE BEST! )

- 2 tsp Baking Powder 

- 1/2 tsp Baking Soda 

- 1 Tbsp RAW Honey or RAW SUGAR 

- 1 tbsp Oil 

- 3/4  Soy, Almond, or coconut milk depending on preference 

- 4 Eggs Separated 

- tsp Vanilla Extract 

- 2 cups Blueberries 

- 2 cups bananas 

To Make :

- Pre heat waffle iron

- In one large bowl place all the dry ingredients together set aside

-In the other bowl place 4 egg whites and the vanilla, whisk this together until it forms into a fluffy form, making stiff peaks. 

- In another bowl, combine the dairy free milk, yolks, and oil. Whisk these together. Then add in the dry ingredients to this mixture. Once combined fold in the fluffy egg whites with a spatula. Once combine, you can add in blueberries, chocolate chips bananas whatever sounds good to you! 

- Place mix on the waffle iron using the ladle and should finish in about 3- 5 min. Golden brown is what you are looking for. 

- Place the finished gluten free waffles on a place lined with parchment paper to soak up the grease, also the parchment paper will keep the waffles warm while the others cook. 

Top with powdered sugar and enjoy!