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Hello, Lets Get acquainted.

My name is Nicole Mendicino. Some People call me Mendo for short, or Nic. Mendicino is my maiden name. Then I got married and now lots of people know me as Nicole Lee. I feel like its the first day of school when you have to go around to each person and say your name out loud. Remember how embarrassing that was? Right now is definitely the first day of school all over again. But Once you get through it it's not so bad. So back to names. You can call me Nicole, or any of the above I will answer. Whats your name? I'd like to know if any of you out there have names. 

Welcome to my new blog, HEY Here you will find my personal and professional photography work. Here I am on this new adventure making a go at becoming a real professional photographer. You are welcome to join me and comment, encourage or disagree, I would love to have feedback along the way. 

Again welcome. Cheers folks. 

Until next time,